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I love LA...I really really do. I don't think it's the Hollywood movie thing or the Beverly Hills Rodeo scene. I think it's the originality, the things they try with food, the design, the traffic, the never-ending sunny weather, the old buildings, the beach, the landmarks that you've seen in pictures but need to experience in person. I actually went to college in East LA County, but that's about an hour from the heart of Los Angeles. If it weren't for my friend Britni, I probably would have never seen the Hollywood sign or the Santa Monica pier in college. I still missed a lot of what LA has to offer and I've been determined to see the things I've dreamt of since I was a kid. It was my birthday this past week and my husband, being the wonderful human that he is, took me to LA. We went to some places I've always wanted to go to, but also some new ones I didn't even know I wanted to see. 


-Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles


-Malibu Farms (breakfast pizza and any juice)

-The Stocking Frame (pastrami tacos)

-Bottega Louie (macarons)

-Grand Central Market (tons of options)


-Santa Monica Pier

-LACMA (No Strings Attached)

-The Broad Museum (Infinity Mirrored Room- get there 30 minutes before opening)

-Malibu Farm

-Venice Beach

-Venice Canals (Valentine's Day)

-The Ace Hotel Upstairs

-The Bradbury Building (500 Days of Summer)

-Griffith Observatory

-Runyon Canyon hike

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