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Newborn Must Haves

Newborn Must Haves

Over the course of the last couple months, Andrew and I have found some items that are so necessary and some items that just aren’t worth buying. I know I have a lot of new mamas following me now, so I wanted to put together a little list of what has worked well for us.

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1. TakingCaraBabies Newborn Sleep Course - This was by far the best thing we invested in as new parents who didn’t know a thing about what it takes to care for a baby. This class taught us about babies’ schedules, sleep cues, and helpful tips on how to transition a baby from mama’s womb into the world.

2. The Smilo Newborn Baby Lounger - This is a MUST. It’s similar to the doc-a-tot, but it has taller breathable walls, so that Espen can’t roll. This allows us to leave the room for a minute to do something and know he is safe. He also sleeps in it at night next to our bed. There are pockets on the side that we keep his pacifiers and burp cloths in.

3. Ollie Swaddle - We tried many swaddles and ultimately ended up wasting a lot of money because the Ollie is truly the best and the easiest to use. They are pricey but I promise that they will save you so much time and energy. We bought two and just keep them rotating. Fun Fact: ALL BABIES LIKE TO BE SWADDLED. The womb is a tight space and swaddling is soothing for them and swaddling keeps babies from waking up due to reflex twitches.

4. Baby Shusher -Many think shushing babies seems harsh, but it is the total opposite. The womb is super loud with the sound of rushing blood through the placenta. The Shusher helps newborns fall asleep because it simulates the sound of the womb. Now you may be thinking, “Why not just use an app on your phone or Spotify?” My reasoning for buying this is because the app on your phone drains your battery and you can’t use your phone if it is with your sleeping baby.

5. Zipper Onesies - Ain’t no new parent got time for button snaps, especially in the middle of the night.

6. Uppababy Vista Stroller & Carseat - We got the Vista stroller because we hope to have another baby in the next few years and the Vista converts into a double stroller. If you are not planning on needing a double stroller, then the Uppababy Cruz Stroller is the single seat version and much cheaper in comparison. We also purchased an extra Uppababy Carseat Base for Andrew’s car. That way both of our cars are ready to go at any time.

7. Willow Pump - I was influenced by Instagram to get this pump and it is amazing. I can pump any time, anywhere, and I don’t have to be exposed to do it. It is quiet, so people can never tell that I’m pumping. The pump fits right into my nursing bra and I just put the bag of milk directly in the fridge/freezer once I’m done.

8. Wubbanub Pacifiers - These are the only pacifiers we use, mostly because these are the only ones we got from family and friends, but also because they really stay in Espen’s mouth. If he accidentally spits it out, the little animal attachment keeps it sitting on his chest.

9. Skiphop Changing Pad - This is in my diaper bag and makes changing diapers on the go super quick. There is a compartment for diapers, another for wipes. I also keep disposable diaper bags in it, as well.

10. Aquaphor - We bought the big bottle of Aquaphor for his circumcision and we ended up using it for diaper rash, too. We tried butt paste for diaper rash but it didn’t work as well for us.

11. Nipple Shields - These are PREMIUM. I have to use one every time I feed the little guy because, as the doctor put it, my nipples are flat. The nipple shield goes over your nipple and allows for an easy latch. It has also saved my nipples from getting painful or chapping.

12. Babyganics Cradle Cap Cleansing Oil - This oil helps relieve cradle cap and it has a built-in brush to gently exfoliate the scalp. Cradle cap is very common in newborns. After using the oil twice, Espen’s cradle cap went away completely.

13. Depends Dribble Pads - I had never heard of these before LOL but they are perfect for soaking up breast milk and keeping your bra dry. TMI, but they also help keep your breasts from smelling like spoiled breast milk. I tried 2 other types of breast pads and these just soak up more milk and cover a larger surface area. I cringed while typing that, but trust me, surface area matters.

14. Angelcare Bath Tub - We use this in our kitchen sink to give Espen a bath. This tub is nice because the water doesn’t have to be filled very high for the baby to be submerged.

15. Honest Ultra Thick Wipes - Thicker wipes means fewer wipes used and that saves you $$$. We were given a lot of different wipes at our shower, but these have been both mine and Andrew’s favorite.

16. Cloud Island or Pampers Diapers - We love these two brands for the purity, the blue line wetness indicator, and the price. I’m not really that crazy about diapers being organic, but when your son has an open wound from a circumcision, it just seems right to put the most pure diaper on him. We also loved the Honest diapers, but they don’t have the wetness indicator. Espen hates being wet, so we rely heavily on that blue line.

17. Boppy or Breast Friend - I have both of these and I use them about the same amount. The Boppy is more convenient because you don’t have to clip it on, but the Breast Friend is better for hands-free feeding.

18. iLoveSIA Nursing bras - These come in a 3-pack for $28.99 on Amazon. Some nursing bras are $28.99 for 1 bra and they just end up getting milk stains on them, so I didn’t want to spend a fortune. These bras are also really comfortable and supportive.

19. Disposable Diaper Sacks - These are nice to have in your diaper bag for changing diapers at family or friends’ houses. I don’t want to be the one who puts a baby’s dirty diaper in a trash can and stinks up the house.

-Mother’s Special Blend Oil - I was using Bio Oil at the beginning of my pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and it did not work AT ALL. I got the most gnarly dark stretch marks while using Bio Oil and never got another one once I started using Mother’s Special Blend. True Story.

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